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Hatlines 74 | EN

Hatlines 74 | EN


Hatlines 74 EN | Summer 2021

In this issue:

Cover hat by Elisabeth Koch cover
The Vintage hatter interview
Drawing straws by Alice So column
Final exam collections 2021 report
The right place by student Kimberley Breen column
Introducing the British Millinery Association news
Photo album memories by Peter Dekker snippet
Van Nuyen Hats by Durkje Hoeksema snippet
Donning by Elisabeth Koch snippet
Cheapeaux and Champagne report
MAA Millinery Award report
Royal Ascot 2021 report
An extra beautiful summer by Rob de Groot column
Virtual Passejada amb Barret 2021 report
Marina's favourite hats hat collection
Well-made and well-balanced by Koos van der Wal column
NHV National Hat Show 2021 report
Announcement NHV Hat Day 2021 event
The bias of fabric technique
Pate and prestige by Wies Mauduit column
New member Anna-Maree van der Steen new member